Grenfell Floral Hooked Mat  -  Sold

Grenfell Floral Hooked Mat - Sold

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Labrador and Newfoundland.  Hooked mat worked with hand dyed silk fabric which was cut into long narrow fine strips from silk stockings.  This light-weight fabric enabled the precision necessary to create these detailed works of art.   SOLD

Circa 1930.

The Grenfell Mission of Labrador and Newfoundland.  Examples of items made under the tuition and founder Dr. Wilfred Grenfell whose love for the land and people helped raise the economic conditions for these wholesome indigenous people.  By creating the Industrial Mission, artifacts were handmade with expert guidance and criteria to be sold throughout Canada, the United States and England.   Dr. Grenfell helped these people create a fascinating study of historical content showing the hardships of a remote part of Canada but through all the hardships and challenges the expression of art through a passionate eye prevailed.