SOLD. - 'Joseph's Coat' - Waterloo County Amish Quilt

Tom and Adele Hersh Waterloo County Quilt Collection

circa 1940  -  some coat linings and crepes  -  condition:  excellent - 72" x 86"         Town:  Alma  -  Maker unknown; from the family of Clifford and Seleda Martin              "a typical, distinctive Waterloo County quilt"  The deep rich tones of the sashing and its blocks, as well as the top and bottom borders, are colours and shades often associated with the Amish quilts.  So, too, are the black centre squares of each pieced block, the maroon triangles surrounding them, and the black squares and triangles which define each blocks outer edges.  Each block begins with a diamond in the square, the well-known classic Lancaster County, PA. pattern.  Shown here as an example of 'Textile Art'. SOLD

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